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Business Weekly 5 - 15th March

Its the end of the school week so kick back, make yourself a cup of tea and have a read of this week's edition of the Weekly 5. If anyone is unfamiliar with this regular feature it aims to provide you with a short summary of some of the most significant and interesting stories of the week in business and industry. This helps keep you up to date with the news, whilst at the same time provide you with examples of business theories in action in the real world.

This week's top 5 Business stories, as chosen by our EzyBusiness team:

Superdry's Problems - We put the problems the winter coat specialist has been facing this year into perspective and look at the main reasons for these strategic issues.

John Lewis - Another retailer experiencing problems is John Lewis. Just how serious are these financial problems and can these problems be overcome?

Apple vs. Spotify - We take a look at the brewing row between the two streaming rivals. How ugly could this row turn out to be?

Boeing Flights Grounded - Problems have been stacking up Boeing and their latest aircraft carrier, we discuss the overlap between a business's quality control department and the safety of passengers.

Jumia - We look at the growth sotry of an African e-commerce company that is set to make history.

For each topic, we have designed a question to help your students use the skills they have developed in class and apply them to real-world situations.

Click here to download the full PDF version

Stay tuned for further editions of the Weekly 5 released on Friday's during term time!

Economics Weekly 5 - 15th March
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