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5 steps to evaluation heaven!

Hopefully students starting to think about exams next summer will already be focusing on extended writing skills. Knowledge is obviously a key foundation for exams but this will only take you so far unless is supported by good technique. Out of all the skills that you need many students find evaluation the most challenging.

This week Jack Matthews takes a look at a 5-step process you can use in extended essays to guide and prompt effective evaluation in just about any answer to a macro question. Apply this process and you will increase the likelihood that your answer will contain the multiple evaluations that support A and A* grades.

Using a process like this will help prevent the all to common situation arising from an unstructured approach. This normally means students don’t have an effective plan, start writing without too much thought and then suddenly remember to include some cursory evaluation towards the end of their answer.

This type of unstructured approach rarely produces satisfactory outcomes and should encourage students to make sure they work intensively to overcome any limitations in this area. If you are going to start working on this skill then now is the time to do that rather than in 6 months time when exams are rapidly approaching.  

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Monday, 23 November 2020
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