In no time at all the UK will be voting on whether to remain in the EU. The opposing campaigns have already been launched and the debate is beginning to heat up.

What has become clear at this early stage is that although membership of the EU is clearly an economic issue there has been a complete absence of any of the theoretical analysis A-level economics students are taught to learn and apply in exams.

In many ways this makes the forthcoming debate quite dangerous for students if it unduly influences answers in exams. The danger is that essays descend into a simple list of advantages and disadvantages without any attempt to apply AD/AS analysis to support the points made.

In this week’s edition of EzyEconomics News, Jack Matthews considers the opposing views on what exit could mean for the UK economy. He showcases how to apply AD/AS analysis to make sure students don’t fall for the “sucker punch” of drafting an answer to an EU question heavily influenced by political and media rhetoric without bothering to include any theoretical analysis.