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A fantastic range of powerful benefits

We don't spend our days creating volumes of reading material – we design activities to help teachers support their students by identifying and filling learning gaps.

Fill learning gaps as soon as they emerge

During each assessment students receive immediate feedback, including a full explanation of the correct answer for every question. For example, EzyMaths has a unique feedback video for each of its 4,910 assessment questions

More independent learning

EzyEducation allows students to study in their own time and at their own pace. The wealth of lecture videos and automated assessments cater for students of all abilities. Our resources are designed to treat your pupils like students rather than children.

Great Revision Tools

Digital learning transforms revision. Students’ revision can be monitored and supported even when they are on exam leave. How else can you make sure that your students effectively cram the entire syllabus and maintain activity at a sensible level?

Monitoring & Intervention

If you give a student a textbook, you never know how much they’ve read. However, with EzyEducation you’ll know everything. We track your students’ activity and assessment scores, enabling you to provide specific support and encouragement.

Simplify Parents Evening

EzyEducation makes preparing for a parents evening a doddle. Our Gradebooks and other automated reports mean that you have the information at your fingertips to deliver informed and accurate feedback to parents.

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The great benefits don’t stop there!

Improved In-Class Support

If a teacher wants to try an alternative way to explain a concept, EzyEducation is permanently on-hand to do this. Our comprehensive course coverage and lecture videos ensure we are a resource that teachers can rely on.

Make Flipped Classes a Reality

Unless there is a mechanism for making sure all students have prepared adequately, it is unlikely flipped classes will be effective. Our records will allow you to track and manage preparation and implement laser guided teaching interventions.

Effective Use of IT Resources

Whenever a student is behind a school computer or tablet what are they actually doing? A trained teacher directing activity via software solutions like EzyEconomics and EzyMaths, ensure that school IT resources are fully utilised and will have the records to prove it.

Inspired Reporting

Recording every action and facilitating lots of activity means we have plenty of data to generate reports. Our reports are easy to download, make activity and achievement clear and encourage healthy competition in class. Students actually like detailed reports with some colour in them!

Mainstream Teaching Alternative

EzyEducation can be used as an alternative educational solution for students that have been withdrawn from the mainstream of the school. For example, students that are being reintegrated into school or have poor attendance or behaviour issues.

Covered Lessons

EzyMaths and EzyEconomics give schools flexibility and control when organising cover for absent teachers. Any teacher can cover a lesson and the school knows that the lesson will be delivered to a consistently high quality, and marked automatically for the absent teacher.

Don’t just take our word for it

"We came to EzyEconomics largely because we are a small department (two teachers) and student numbers had increased rapidly. In 2013 we had 40 Year 13 students, this year we will enter 74 Year 13 students and next year we are projected to have 95 Year 13 students! This meant we really needed a data driven way to monitor progress, provide feedback and identify interventions. A feature of EzyEconomics we really like (students say they like it too) is the short "correction" videos that follow questions. When it comes to intervention the reports also help to quickly identify learning gaps."

Michael Rowlands, The Judd School
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