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A QLA picture that paints a thousand words

Some of our hard working student users will have a phenomenal starting point when revision starts:

Easy identification of weaknesses

Easy access to answer explanations and worked answers to help address weaknesses

Request more information

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Important Update on EzyEducation Snapshot Booklets & HP Reveal App

This blog post provides details of some important changes to EzyEducation’s snapshot knowledge organiser booklets and the associated augmented reality content. It covers:

  1. The closure of the HP Reveal augmented reality (AR) app
  2. How existing users of our snapshot knowledge organiser booklets can continue to access the add-on video content after the closure
  3. How you can order heavily discounted copies of the remaining stock of original snapshot booklets
  4. Our new snapshot knowledge organiser booklets, powered by the ‘Zappar’ AR app
  5. Next steps
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New Student Gradebook goes live Monday 23rd December 2019

Over the last 12 months, your students have been very busy. Over 3.3m questions answered.

As a result of this activity, your students will now reap the rewards of all this work with a QLA empowered gradebook. 

The new gradebook is planned for release on Monday 23rd December 2019.

When students next login after this release they will have access to a new gradebook. This provides:

  1. Activity time and assessment count/outcome data - see "Activity Summary".
  2. Access to their personal line held in teacher grade books - See "Course Summary"
  3. Question level analysis with access to feedback/explanations for every question attempted by clicking on question cells - see "Learning Gaps"
  4. The gradebook includes filters to help students improve focus on specific parts of the course.
  5. Report download options.

Some additional benefits:

  1. Immediate review of assessments after attempts.
  2. Rapid navigation between questions and feedback to accelerate and personalise revision.
  3. Works on tablets and handheld devices.

Although this has been thoroughly tested please do let us know if you run into any issues over the Xmas holidays at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, we would like to thank all our schools and their students for their support this year. Our business relies on your support and we hope to continue to meet the needs of schools in 2020 with high quality, time-saving and data-driven learning system that takes the heat off teachers and helps them to help their students achieve more.

Happy Xmas and best wishes for 2020

EzyEducation Team. 

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Christmas comes early at EzyEducation

Today some changes to the Assignment Hub were released. These apply to student users:

  • Current Assignments (previously assignments set)- any assignment that has not been completed will be accessed under this heading. There will be an option to start or resume
  • Other Assignments  - all completed assignments will appear under this heading. There will be an option to retake assessments (24-hour rule applies) or replay previous video assignments.
  • Colour coding relating to due/overdue has been removed.

 A more significant change will be a new student gradebook. This is scheduled for release on 21/12/19 and will provide a single Html page with details of

  • Total time on the system and total assessments and average outcome with subject splits.
  • Access to data on video and assessment records with options to filter to narrow the focus on specific parts of the course and generate pdf reports accordingly
  • Access to learning maps for EVERY assessment completed providing individual question outcomes and immediate access to question feedback. This is a big step forward and could transform exam preparations, but only for those students who work hard and complete assessments. This opportunity will depend entirely on the number of assessments completed.

 This will enter the final test phase soon thanks to the help of some of our student users. Watch out for updates. 

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Assignment Hub Improvements

We have introduced a number of improvements to the Assignment Hub.

Please see below for details and instructions:

  1. Assignments can be set for single classes, multiple classes or for individual or small groups of students.
  2. Click on "class" and select however many classes you wish to select for, select a due date, close, set.
  3. Click on "student" and select the student or students you wish to select work for and complete as above. The "student" filed will show all students. If you wish to reduce this number simply select class first before then selecting from the students in view.
  4. The assignment pages now show which teacher set the work and have a sort option available to rearrange the order of assignments by the due date.
  5. Any teacher can now set work for any class.
  6. The grade book report can now be accessed directly from the Learning Zone home page i.e. report icon visible. This applies to work set for single students and means there would be a filtered grade book for one student or for all the students the work was set for.
  7. Students will now have access to a retake button in the completed assignments section.
  8. Assignments are now attached to students (previously classes) so that assignments from all previous classes remain visible when students change class.
  9. School reps will now appear in the teacher tab. If you select and the edit you will see that they can now be specifically added to classes.
  10. The hub now shows who set work. However, this has not been tracked historically and will not show on legacy assignments. You will see -//- in the column.
  11. There is a sort arrow above the due dates so that assignments can be re-ordered by the due date.
  12. Overdue assignments are now highlighted in student pages with indigo (previously red).
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Course Home Page Makeovers

We are currently in the process of giving the courses a "face-lift" to improve the student and teacher interface and user experience when navigating through the course home page. The main changes for the Econ. courses are detailed here. Similar changes will be implemented Science and Maths through the rest of the summer.

Course Description:

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Feedback, Feedback, Feedback!

Feedback happens all the time in the classroom. It is how misconceptions are rectified. We believe in feedback so much that we have poured our heart and soul into creating unique feedback videos for every question in our GCSE maths and science courses.

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New Reports Page


EzyEducation is very proudly a teacher-centric platform. Beyond the jargon, this means that we understand that the platform has its best impact on students when teachers are fully engaged in driving and monitoring usage.

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AQA Combined Science Required Practicals

If you are studying AQA combined science, the document below provides links to all of the EzyScience resources covering the required practicals. We hope you find it useful!

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Visit by Suella Braverman MP

Suella-Braverman Suella Braverman MP with Peter Jordan & Jacob Poulton

All of us at EzyEducation were delighted to welcome Suella Braverman MP to visit us last week. Suella has previously sat on the Education Select Committee and is a current governor at the well-publicised Michaela Community School.

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Do you want to introduce more flipped learning within your department?


The model of flipped learning, or flipped classrooms, seems to fall in and out of vogue. The idea seems very sound: ask students to learn about a new topic independently, before they encounter it in-class. With students arriving to class with a basic understanding of the concept, valuable teaching time can be spent on high value-added activities, like personalised misconception handling, interactive application activities and developing exam-technique.

Most teachers we meet say that they would like to introduce more flipped teaching within their scheme of work, however, they have struggled to implement it effectively in the past, or don’t really know where to start with it. 

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Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference!

Recently we might have achieved this with the template improvements that have enhanced the smartphone experience and a “last visit date” display in the school admin area.

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EzyEducation featured in Teachwire's "Best of BETT"

Screenshot-of-Peter-BETT-Interview Managing Director Peter Jordan being interviewed

We had a great time at the BETT show last week. It is always a pleasure to engage with teachers currently using the platform and teachers interested in starting their EzyEducation journey. TeachWire featured us in their 'Best of BETT' series. Here is their interview with our Managing Director, Peter Jordan.

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Gradebook Upgrade

We have recently released a significant upgrade to our gradebook. Teachers can still download the gradebook as an excel spreadsheet, but we hope this upgrade makes quick trips into the gradebook to analyse student performance easier to achieve by staying in a webpage.

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Last year and next year at EzyEducation

Xmas has arrived! What a year 2018 has been. For the Ezy team, it has been nothing less than inspiring to see schools modernising teaching delivery and students responding with quite incredible levels of activity. Thank you for all the support provided by our schools and for making successful use of the service.

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Ignorance is bliss - the psychology of textbook bias

Ignorance is bliss - the psychology of textbook bias

First of all, I would like to make it clear that I think some textbooks are an incredibly useful guide for teachers. If they are exam board accredited, they will provide far more detail than the board specification and can be used to guide teachers through a course.

However, is the level of textbook content appropriate for pupils?

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The importance of ‘bottom-up’ for increasing the use of technology within schools

It was fascinating to see Damien Hinds, relatively new to the post of Education Secretary, spend some time over the summer break encouraging the further development of educational technology and increasing its use within schools.1 This comes hot on the heels of his initial attempts to ingratiate himself with the teaching community via his focus on workload.2

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Upgrade to Student Learning Analysis

Upgrade to Student Learning Analysis

The reporting side of the EzyEducation platform is absolutely vital to support effective usage. Our Student Learning Analysis report has become one of the key places to dig into how your students have performed on a particular assessment. I know from my experiences of getting out to see schools over the past few months that putting Student Learning Analysis up on the big screen at the front of the classroom is a great way of blending what students are doing digitally (often out of the classroom) with what takes place in-class. Running through one of the questions the class struggled with on average the most makes for a good start-of lesson primer.

We have just launched an update to Student Learning Analysis. These are a series of small tweaks which we think make a big difference.

  1. Students run down the left-hand-side and questions run across the top. This brings Student Learning Analysis in line with our recent changes to the excel gradebook download option.
  2. Partial assessment attempts will now be visible. When a student answers a few questions but does not complete the assessment you will see the outcomes fo those completed questions.
  3. The time a student spent on the assessment is now provided in the left-hand column
  4. The report adapts to the size of your screen. Perfect if you are using a tablet or mobile device in class.

We are really excited about our plans to continue improving the reporting side of the platform over the next 12 months. This will probably include assigning a snappier name to "Student Learning Analysis", but for now it stays!

If you have any questions about these changes or our upcoming development plans, please get in touch with us.

Thank you to all of our users for your continued support and I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful summer!

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We are hiring!

We are hiring!

After a fantastic Summer term, we are now looking to expand our team. We are particularly interested in talking to people with experience of teaching A Level maths, biology, or chemistry.


These are brilliant opportunities for driven individuals to come and build market-leading courses. The right people will have energy, drive, and will arrive with their own ideas about digital resources and assessment.


If this appeals to you, please get in touch with our Proposition Director, Jacob Poulton, by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.


Thank you to all of the teachers and students who have engaged with us this school year and we hope everyone enjoys a great Summer break!

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Nurturing Independence

Nurturing Independence


“Pupils have really enjoyed the independence the system gives them. They can choose a topic they feel they need more help on rather than just doing the revision we set them. It has been good to see that pupils from all across the ability range have been able to make progress and achieve a feeling of success.”

Vicky Pimblett, Head of Science at Queen Elizabeth School, Cumbria.


In life in general, we all get enthusiastic about, and invest time in the things we are good at. Even if we initially think we like something, we tend to drift away and avoid things if we subsequently fail to acquire competency. This might explain why many students are often reluctant about specific subjects or school in general and have limited enthusiasm for studying independently.

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