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2021/22 Catalogue - Courses and prices

2020/21 price guarantee for existing users. 2021/22 prices as follows. 

EzyScience RGB.png (2164×730)


  • GCSE Science – CS Foundation or Higher and SS Higher – Edexcel or AQA
  • IGCSE Science (UK) - CS or SS (Edexcel)
  • IGCSE Science (International) – CS or SS (CIE) – NEW FOR 2021
  • Single price for ALL KS4 students and science courses £1,249 + VAT (12 months access)
  • Pricing covers access to Biology, Chemistry and Physics and all levels of each
  • Small centre pricing available (min 50 students) £4.99 + VAT per student (12 months access)

Augmented Reality Booklets

  • Snapshot booklets for GCSE Science – AQA only
  • Combined Science – Single book – Foundation or Higher - £6.99 per book
  • Separate Science – £4.99 per book or £9.99 for set of 3 booklets.
  • Zappar app – no charge

Required Practicals

Practice exam questions including question paper and detailed answer guide. Questions match exam formats and to comparable standard.

    • AQA – 105 questions within a 318 pp document
    • Edexcel (GCSE) - 96 questions within a 289 pp document.
    • £99.00 each for unlimited use within designated centre.
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Simple marking tool to support the grading process

Please feel free to make use of this simple excel tool which aims to simplify marking of extended written work and to provide a template for documenting marks.

Download tool 


  1. Input fields are white shaded
  2. Add student name
  3. Adjust weights for assessment objectives
  4. Consider achievement of assessment objective and enter mark out of 10
  5. Add explanatory comments clarifying the mark awarded
  6. Save/print 

The main purpose of this approach is to move away from holistic grading. Grading guidelines issued by exam boards are difficult to interpret and achieve consistency with unless there is extensive moderation. A simpler and more consistent approach that is easy to explain and understand might be more helpful and help to minimise moderation tasks and any appeals. 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for queries. 


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Teacher Assessed Grades II - New Knowledge Audit Report

Course Statistic Report

Ready and waiting for teacher assessed grades

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Teacher Assessed Grades

All of a sudden there is huge interest in building a solid base of objective learning data. Fortunately, there is easily enough time to do this given the switch to online learning and increased student enthusiasm to engage with this now they know their teacher holds the trump grade cards.

I spoke to one of our schools yesterday about TAGs and downloaded a gradebook based on our End of Module (section) Assessments which aim to provide a syllabus knowledge audit. Voila!

Teaching benefits:

  1. Objective assessment of students reduces marking disputes
  2. As outcomes are penalised by scorecard gaps there is a clear incentive to get a move on
  3. Excel download to add to central school records
  4. A question-by-question record approach generates huge amounts of learning data to provide teaching insights beyond a simple summative outcome for
  5. Filtered report option to evidence outcomes/activity

A solution that can take the heat out of online lessons.

In order to enhance integrity, assessments can be completed within online lessons. An excellent advance relative to the quality of lessons that can be delivered due to onerous online restrictions.

All of our courses provide the same opportunities to support TAG

We are currently offering a 6-month subscription to accommodate this shift in circumstances.

January 2021

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Stop the online lesson head banging now!

Before online lessons commence again there are many grounds for reflecting a little on how these are run, what they achieve and if the experience can be improved.

A good place to start is the experiences of teachers that have isolated or have had to teach isolated year groups/classes. Almost all of our discussions with teachers indicate that online lessons in its current form help to maintain a timetable and register, but that these lessons can be frustrating, stressful and achieve far less than physical classes. 

In many ways this is because VC tech was not designed for larger meetings for young people with video cams switched off and participants muted or for meetings where you need to understand what everyone is doing and make sure everyone completes the same task. The difficulties shouldn’t be surprising and can be highlighted with some simple analysis.



Class location 

Class characteristics



Maintain timetabled lessons

Attendance register

Teacher eyes and ears on


Efficacy of self marking


Ease of peer marking


Speed of mark collection


Visual verification of work


Engagement awareness


Note taking  awareness


Ease of question asking



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Essay Writing Technique at Economics in Action

This week, for the third time, EzyEducation supported the Economics in Action event. This event is principally designed to provide students with access to professional economists and our role is to focus on the approach of exams and good technique.

Due to the pandemic this was conducted online with pre-recorded sessions. EzyEducation's presentation is below. Apart from some useful insights into exams and essay writing this also highlights our new green screen set up.

Examination Support

There are plenty of exam resources within our courses. Here are some complimentary samples:

Data Response Question

Data response Answer Guide

Essay technique

These represent the tip of our iceberg. Book a demo here to see the full story.

Economics in Action - Introducing your students to some of UK's top economists

This event is definitely worth finding out about. This year they had a highly impressive list of professional economists speaking.

Stephen King, Senior Economic Adviser at HSBC - What happens when the money runs out?

Becky Maule, Bank of England - Monetary Policy.

Ayeisha Thomas-Smith, New Economics Foundation and Broadcaster - Coronavirus and the legacy of austerity.

Sam Dumitriu, Adam Smith Institute - The Economics of Uber.

Tim Harford OBE, Economist, journalist and author - How to make the world add up.


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Draft parent Letter for isolating pupils

Dear Parent,

While students are isolated, they are expected to keep up with work set on EzyScience.

Login basics

The website is and login is via the two fields in top right corner of the home page. When logged in students should use the menu on the left margin. Hover over the icons to reveal where the links lead to.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reset passwords if there are any login difficulties.

Work set

Work set by school will show at the bottom of the Learning Zone Home Page or via the full “Assignment Hub” accessed via the left menu. Click the start button to begin or resume if the activity has been paused – users will be taken back to the pause point.

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EzyBusiness Snapshot Booklet Demo

EzyBusiness Snapshot Booklet demo:

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Updating students

The main thing to appreciate is that the update process cannot delete students or their records. It will simply update the class allocations for students and teachers and add new users.

Things to avoid

  • Do not include any school reps in the import.
  • Do not create any new classes. The update process will identify and create any new classes and fill with relevant students and teachers.

 How does it work:

  1. You need to have School representative permissions to complete this process.
  2. Archive any students and teachers that no longer participate in the course. This is best achieved by selecting relevant classes, selecting all students in the class and then use the archive students button (mauve). Check to make sure all students have been archived and that none are remaining in the relevant classes.
  3. Create a spreadsheet which includes all students for the current year. This should include name, email, status, school name and class allocation. See below:

  1. When the spreadsheet is ready it should be imported as follows:

  1. When import commences, the system will identify any existing emails and change the class allocations for each student. Old class allocations will be removed and replaced by new class allocations.
  2. Any new emails will prompt the creation of a new user. The system will generate an email confirming login credentials.
  3. At the end of the process any redundant classes can be deleted from the system. This will mean that although students will retain access to historic assignments teachers will not.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further support.

EzyEducation Ltd 

September 2020

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Reporting Upgrade - Improved Activity Management

For most students, engagement doesn’t just happen. In this respect digital is no different to any other activity in schools. Regardless of the quality of digital or other activities, engagement has to be managed and clearly evidencing engagement is perhaps the most important aspect of this.

We have responded to this with some exciting service enhancements which use automation to take all the work and effort out of managing engagement while improving student awareness and accountability.

Effortless 121 reviews in just 2 clicks – rapid access to personalised assignment hub data or student gradebook via links in school management.

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Assignment Hub and Gradebook Enhancements

A number of changes will be introduced to enhance the assignment hub:


Teachers can now view a student's assignment hub via a link from the gradebook. This will provide a better overall perspective of student engagement with set work. Teachers using the link will land on "Current Assignments" which details all incomplete and partially complete assignments. Assignments will remain in this section of the assignment hub until they have been completed.


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New spectacles for the online and socially distanced teacher!

When socially distanced classes start how will you look over a student’s shoulder if you are not able to walk freely around the classroom and need to maintain a 2m gap? How will you see what progress has been made?

The answer to this question is that you won’t, and you may not be able to do so for some time. This means that teachers will be faced with much the same problem as the lack of intel in online lessons.

This is where good tech can help to improve class awareness. It is almost like providing teachers with anew and more powerful pair of spectacles.

Currently an online lesson might look like this:

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More automation to save teachers time and/or improve student engagement


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Functionality Update - assessment, question and input level analysis

This update coincides with the release of some important functionality releases. As these follow a steady flow of releases since the start of term, I will also use this post to highlight these.

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A new era for teaching delivery

4 weeks to get remote ready for the Summer term. 

Managing learning remotely is a different ball game which might swamp teachers unless their schools provide them with the right teaching tools to deliver.

The main issue is that remote teaching delivery is about more than just setting work which should be a tiny part of what teachers do in this new era:

  • Students need a lot of support to work independently – content needs to support engaging assessment techniques using scaffolded and visualised questions backed by worked answers following question attempts.
  • Most work needs to be marked immediately – posting too much paper-based work for students to complete on a school LMS will make it impossible to occupy students effectively as marking will slow activity to a snail pace.
  • Activity needs to be tracked so teachers can intervene – operating without automated and detailed tracking data will be ineffective
  • Teachers need to review work – not just right or wrong and % outcome, but they need to see the answers to identify mistakes and intervene
  • Parents and/or carers need to support the process – unless personalised activity and outcomes can be easily reported to parents this will become an impossibility
  • Teaching models need to change from content delivery and class management to learning direction - without access to activities providing end to end syllabus coverage backed by detailed and visual data records this will be challenging.

Without this type of approach attempts to teach remotely will under deliver as students will soon become bored and make use of the many opportunities to hide.

Thankfully there is time right now and over Easter to get ready and deliver a new teaching model that inspires parents and students.

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Students and teachers who participate in our revision plans could be in a stronger position come exams

Access to images of every question and an explanation makes a huge difference - it transforms a summative to a formative experience.


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Our New Gradebook Set Up

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Important Update - GDPR, Snapshots, Student Gradebook changes, Revision Plan and Budgeting Details

A lot of additional functionality has been introduced over the last few months (hopefully you have noticed some helpful improvements). Before covering these, I need to start with some details regarding necessary GDPR actions.


During March 2020 we will delete personal data held in our archive. As this should contain students and teachers that are no longer subscribed this should not present any issues for schools.

Please make contact to advise any reason why we should not delete your School’s archive.

Snapshot Booklets - School Discounts

We have upgraded the tech support for these. This delivers a vastly improved student experience.

  1. Students with course access can enjoy the support of the Booklet and call up video support via their phone but can also directly link into courses via the screen options on their phone. Students can buy direct for £9.99 a book or enjoy a heavy discount if a bulk school order is made (30 books min). £4.99 a book or £6.99 a book for Combined Science and £9.99 for a set of 3 Single Science books.
  2. Please note that the new technology does not support legacy booklets. These can be identified as they do not have any Zap instructions on the front page. New booklets will be required.
  3. Overall our expectation is that these books will have significant impacts on independent learning by integrating digital and print via mobile devices.
  4. Although we did not have time to produce booklets for Edexcel GCSE or Edexcel iGCSE. We will produce these for the next school year.
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A QLA picture that paints a thousand words

Some of our hard working student users will have a phenomenal starting point when revision starts:

Easy identification of weaknesses

Easy access to answer explanations and worked answers to help address weaknesses

Request more information

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Important Update on EzyEducation Snapshot Booklets & HP Reveal App

This blog post provides details of some important changes to EzyEducation’s snapshot knowledge organiser booklets and the associated augmented reality content. It covers:

  1. The closure of the HP Reveal augmented reality (AR) app
  2. How existing users of our snapshot knowledge organiser booklets can continue to access the add-on video content after the closure
  3. How you can order heavily discounted copies of the remaining stock of original snapshot booklets
  4. Our new snapshot knowledge organiser booklets, powered by the ‘Zappar’ AR app
  5. Next steps
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