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Immediate follow up assessments

As the data model now provides so many opportunities to check on multiple attempts, we have lifted the TIME OUT applying to follow up attempts. This can now take place IMMEDIATELY by completing the assignment and entering again via the course home page.

Teaching colleagues can view multiple attempts in various ways. For any set work:

  1. A black flash in the left corner indicates more than one attempt. Click on the outcome in the box for details of all attempts.
  2. Any personal report generated will show details of all attempts.
  3. It is also possible to navigate to the student gradebook where Q by Q records of all attempts will be visible
  4. By navigating to the learning map this will show the first attempt. There is a filter that allows the last or best attempts to be viewed.
  5. It is also possible to see details of all attempts by clicking on the % outcome for a student

The only area we will attend to is to add a filter in the gradebook so the display can switch to average of all attempts or first attempt so that the gradebook download is not limited to best attempt only.



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