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I founded The Local Teachers Ltd in 2015, with the vision to make education more accessible and convenient locally. At the Local Teachers, we helped over 25,000 students in the last 8 years to boost their grades and help them go to their desired universities, we have fostered partnerships with 13 schools in London and 3 councils to help them support pupils with our intervention tuition programs in sciences, Mathematics and English. 

With that same vision and passion, I have founded Ezy Edtech Ltd to purchase assets as part of the liquidation of EzyEducation Ltd via a CVL to make quality education more accessible in different ways.

That purchase transfers the rights of the EzyEducation website, courses, and high-quality book stocks of 10,000 with a commercial value of £5-10 per book to Ezy Edtech Ltd. The goodwill and support of ex EzyEducation employees has also been secured. 

Moreover, we have renewed all suppliers’ contracts such as the Zapper app, which makes more accessible our revision pocket booklets by pulling the interactive videos lessons, and quizzes from our platform to iOS and Android devices which increasingly more and more students are relying on for their revision routines.

The EzyEducation platform and customer relationships benefited from £2.5m of investment and reinvested earnings. This means that Ezy Edtech bypasses the development costs usually associated with start-ups. 

The platform is currently used by over 150 school users (subscriptions of £200,000 in 2019 and £130,000 during 2021 (revenue decreased due to COVID19 exam cancellations).  

Although EzyEducation Ltd ceased trading on 14/12/2021 the platform has remained in use through this period with zero disruption for customers. Over this period, we had 188,543 sessions, 90,103 users, and 3.25 million hits. This continuation of user engagement is a clear indication of the success we can build on moving forward. 

With that strong foundation for success, here are our short-term objectives.  

  • At the present our most important objective is to secure renewals for the schools
  • Minimise the service disruptions - renew contracts for all our suppliers and staff where possible. 
  • Improve our resources wherever necessary - such as creating more resources to make teachers’ life easier - in doing so, we will be complementing with PowerPoints lectures with the video lessons on the platform – so that teachers do not spend so much time and resources in creating lesson plans but rather focus on delivering and analysing the results.  
  • Collect consensus from the current and potential service users for future improvement plans – which will make part of our short-term and long-term future developments.
  • We will restart the EzyShop and commence the sale of revision guide stock


  • Extend the service to more schools, colleges, and tuition centres locally  
  • Establish international outreach to make quality British education more accessible – in doing so, we will open offices in Africa and explore a meaningful presence in Asia, building on our current existing partners such as Mentari Learning in Indonesia.
  • Increase our courseware listing – with the intention to develop A-level sciences.
  • Open assessment centre for private candidates in GCSE exams in London – So that we can support further individual learners.
  • Explore new markets in Africa and the Middle East. 
  • Raise more investment funds for the platform as needed. 

I will share more details on our long-term goals, but for now, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our school leaders for their continued belief in our platform. I will do everything I can to make our platform more responsive to your needs.

Shabac Cabdilahi

Chairman and Managing Director

Ezy Edtech Ltd

0203 794 8137




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Wednesday, 06 July 2022
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