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Our People

Our team combines individuals that are either subject matter or IT experts, are powerful communicators, have strong teaching, academic and/or business backgrounds and understand how digitalisation and expert subject knowledge can make a real difference to academic performance.
Peter Jordan
Peter Jordan is the founder and managing director of EzyEducation. He is a qualified teacher and taught Economics and Business Studies at the Portsmouth Grammar School and South Downs College. Peter holds a BA in Industrial Economics from Nottingham University, a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science from Chichester University and a PGCE at Portsmouth University. Prior to teacher training Peter specialised in developing and marketing investment and pension products through a range of senior marketing roles at the Skandia Group and as Marketing Director at Scottish Widows.
Jacob Poulton
Jacob Poulton is an enthusiastic economist and mathematician. He read economics at Clare College, Cambridge, becoming a scholar and winning a blue in rugby union. His academic interests focus on mathematically modelling economic behaviour and utilising statistical techniques to examine macro level data. In addition to an enviable academic record, Jacob has also obtained extensive tutoring experience in a range of subjects. Passionate about education and its potential to engage and inspire, he is responsible for course development at EzyEducation Ltd.
Matt Hawes
Matt Hawes leads the development of mathematics courses at EzyEducation Ltd. He is an inspiring teacher and has 10 years experience teaching Maths in both the state and private education sectors. Matt is an enthusiastic advocate of online learning and flipped classrooms and has extensive experience of using online solutions to enhance efficiency and improve student performance.
Dr Michael McCall
Dr Michael McCall consults on the development of our maths courses here at EzyEducation. He completed his undergraduate studies at St John's College, Cambridge and completed his Ph.D at Durham University. He has a wealth of experience teaching mathematics within schools including 15 years as the head of maths at the Portsmouth Grammar School.
Mark Simpson
Mark Simpson leads the development of science courses at EzyEducation Ltd. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Applied Mathematics and Physics and has been teaching maths and science for 34 years. For the last 11 years Mark was the Director of Science at Wavell School, where he developed extensive online learning solutions to support colleagues and students at the school.
David Ardley
David Ardley has also been involved from the beginning and has been the driving force behind the design and development of the EzyEducation platform. He is a career technologist who also has over 25 years of experience in the financial sector. He has worked in a range of senior management positions at JP Morgan, Bank of America and the Catlin Insurance Group. The emphasis on security, maintaining operations and managing access within these roles is ideally suited to the requirements of our business.
Keith Gilmour
Keith Gilmour leads our efforts to get more and more schools and colleges using the EzyEducation platform. Before joining the EzyEducation project, he occupied several senior distribution roles within the financial services industry.
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