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EzyMaths Snapshots - Augmented Reality Brings Maths to Life

Students & Parents can purchase snapshot booklets at a cost of £9.99 via our Amazon listing by clicking here.

Introduce the magic of augmented reality into your classroom with our EzyMaths Snapshots! Pocket-sized booklets covering the entire GCSE (9-1) syllabus.

Every page acts as a brilliantly-laid out prompt sheet, providing students with a quick reminder of the key concepts and processes for that topic.

If students need some back-up, that is where the augmented reality kicks in. They can simply hover their phone or tablet over the booklet and a snappy explanation video 'pops' out of the page! 

There is quite an exciting 'wow' moment when students see the videos 'jumping' out of the page for the first time!


UK Teachers & Schools

Teachers - Please complete this form to either request for a free sample set of EzyMaths snapshots to be sent to you at your school, or to place an order. There is a minimum order size of 50 sets and the price is £4 per set.



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