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Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides some answers to many of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a more specific enquiry please make contact by using the contact us option at the foot of this page.

Which exam boards do you cover?

We provide courses that support students following the AQA, OCR or Edexcel syllabus. Whilst we do not specify any other exam boards at the moment, there is typically a lot of similar material across boards and we do have a number of schools successfully using the service that follow different boards. 

What courses do EzyEducation cover?

We currently offer A-level Economics and GCSE Maths.

How much tuition does the service provide?

Each course contains full syllabus coverage in the form of lecture videos which are typically 5-15 minutes long. Each of the videos are followed by assessments which are typicallt 10-15 questions long. All assessments are marked automatically by the system, and video feedback is instantly given for each question with the intention of closing any learning gaps. 

At the end of each module there is a 25- question end of module assessment which includes questions based on the syllabus learning objective, providing a good measure of learning progress.

Can you re-do assessments?

Yes, assessments can be re-taken as many times as you like. The order of questions and answers is randomised each time an assessment is taken to reduce the temptation of dishonesty! 

Why is the full service such good value?

EzyEducation is the only digital platform of its kind, providing a teacher-centric approach that goes much further than simply providing resources. EzyEducation go the extra mile by not only providing a full set of resources, but also providing interactive assessments, feedback for all questions, automated marking and extensive reporting. The invaluable time this saves for teachers allows for better informed and targeted teaching - much more than can ever be achieved by a manual process. 

Is it easy to use?

The simple answer is yes! The content is structured into modules and units, and each section is clearly laid out with lecture videos and assessments. If you do have any queries about the how the service works or if you would like a quick demo then please feel free to ask any questions on our live chat, or alternatively phone us on 01329 285415. 

What records does it keep?

We record all activities undertaken on the system and maintain records of the answers provided so that you can revisit these at any time until access to the service ceases.

Students will have access to a Grade Book, which provides details of all assessments completed and a range of additional reports analysing activity. Teachers also have access to this information, plus a number of further reports which include information such as time spent on quizzes and videos.

You will retain access to all records for as long as you have access to the service.

You should refer to our privacy and cookies policy for more details of how we handle personal data.

Will users be exposed to contact with other users?

The service does not provide any mechanisms for independent users to communicate with other users. 

Is there a time limit on access?

All school subscriptions provide a 12-month unlimited access period. Independent student subscriptions provide a 24-month unlimited access period.

Can I use a tablet or touch screen computer to access the service?

The service uses a flexible template which means that it can be accessed using most devices. Although most large screen mobile phones can be used to access the service the overall experience may be compromised slightly. Where possible we always recommend users access the service via a desk top, lap top or tablet. We have a number of ipad/tablet schools successfully using the system. 

Do I need any IT expertise or training to use the service?

No. The service has been designed to be simple and is very intuitive. As with most online apps/ services, it is simply a case of looking and experimenting with the system and you will quickly get to know your way around.

The software we selected has been thoroughly tested and successfully used by thousands of different organisations and their users. Most users should quickly become proficient with the software in a short period of time. If, however, you feel that you need a little guidance or training, we are more than happy to show you how everything works over a quick phone call. 

What can I expect from your Twitter feeds?

We use our Twitter feeds to communicate with our users, we retweet items of interest and things that we think will be useful for students. We also run a number of campaigns (e.g. 50 days of evaluation videos in the lead up to A/AS level Economics exams) to support students as best as we can.

What is the EzyLexicon?

The EzyLexicon is a dense glossary of relevant terms. It aims to cover all of the definitions referred to in the respective syllabuses plus many more. 

Can I share my sign on?

This is prohibited by our terms and conditions and we reserve the right to withdraw access to the service if there is evidence of this type of activity. Moreover, it is not advisable as it will tamper with the consistency of your personal records and data. Anyone interested in testing the service can sign up to the free trial on their course of choice.

How do I register?

To register you simply need to visit the 'register' tab in the top bar of the home page. Fill out the form on the page and please take care to select the correct course, and your correct role (teacher or independent student). If for any reason you encounter any difficulty in this process then please feel free to either contact us via our live chat or phone us on 01329 285415.  

How do I access/buy a course?

Teachers: once you have registered this will give you full access to the courses. You can then add your students in the 'student management' section, which will automatically start your free trial. If at any point you decide you would like to purchase a subscription, all you need to do is make contact with us and we will send you an invoice. If we do not hear from you an invoice will be sent at the end of your trial. Payments can be made by cheque or online/ via paypal. 

Students: When you register you will gain access to the EzyLexicon and EzyNews. If you would like to purchase a two-year subscription you can simply go to your basket and make an online payment.

What are the terms of website use?

These terms together with the Acceptable Use Policy and Privacy and Cookies Policy apply to anyone (guests as well as registered users) using our website. The use of this site will be deemed acceptance of the Terms of Use. Anyone not agreeing to the terms of use must not use our site.

Why do I need to accept the Privacy and Cookie policy?

We take the privacy of your personal data seriously and require acceptance of this policy to make sure that all users understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and how we will treat it. 

What is the Acceptable Use policy?

This sets out the ways in which our website may be used and also details prohibited uses of our site. It applies to all users of the site whether as a visitor or registered user.

How do I change my password/username?

Visit one of the log in pages and simply select either 'forgot your password?' or 'forgot your username?' options underneath the log in form. This will take you through the necessary steps.

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