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Discover the power of EzyEducation



Work with a learning experience that works for young people, make the activities part of what you do and the technology will do the rest...




GCSE courses £999 + VAT p.a.

A-level courses - £10.00 + VAT p.a. for each student

Snapshot Booklets - £4.99 per book or £6.99 per book (s) for GCSE Science 


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Save time and put yourself in total control with a scalable and data led approach




Teachers at our heart

We have designed EzyEducation to put teachers at the heart of the service. Schools derive the largest benefits when teachers direct student activity and use the digital resources to increase activity levels without adding to their workloads.

Automated marking and analysis

No need for manual data input, marking assessments or setting work. Time is freed up to spend on lesson prep and written work.

More effective records

Every answer to every question is recorded, enabling teachers to identify and fill learning gaps faster. These records can be used to evidence student progress during pupil and parent contact.

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