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Teacher Assessed Grades

All of a sudden there is huge interest in building a solid base of objective learning data. Fortunately, there is easily enough time to do this given the switch to online learning and increased student enthusiasm to engage with this now they know their teacher holds the trump grade cards.

I spoke to one of our schools yesterday about TAGs and downloaded a gradebook based on our End of Module (section) Assessments which aim to provide a syllabus knowledge audit. Voila!

Teaching benefits:

  1. Objective assessment of students reduces marking disputes
  2. As outcomes are penalised by scorecard gaps there is a clear incentive to get a move on
  3. Excel download to add to central school records
  4. A question-by-question record approach generates huge amounts of learning data to provide teaching insights beyond a simple summative outcome for
  5. Filtered report option to evidence outcomes/activity

A solution that can take the heat out of online lessons.

In order to enhance integrity, assessments can be completed within online lessons. An excellent advance relative to the quality of lessons that can be delivered due to onerous online restrictions.

All of our courses provide the same opportunities to support TAG

We are currently offering a 6-month subscription to accommodate this shift in circumstances.

January 2021

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Stop the online lesson head banging now!

Before online lessons commence again there are many grounds for reflecting a little on how these are run, what they achieve and if the experience can be improved.

A good place to start is the experiences of teachers that have isolated or have had to teach isolated year groups/classes. Almost all of our discussions with teachers indicate that online lessons in its current form help to maintain a timetable and register, but that these lessons can be frustrating, stressful and achieve far less than physical classes. 

In many ways this is because VC tech was not designed for larger meetings for young people with video cams switched off and participants muted or for meetings where you need to understand what everyone is doing and make sure everyone completes the same task. The difficulties shouldn’t be surprising and can be highlighted with some simple analysis.



Class location 

Class characteristics



Maintain timetabled lessons

Attendance register

Teacher eyes and ears on


Efficacy of self marking


Ease of peer marking


Speed of mark collection


Visual verification of work


Engagement awareness


Note taking  awareness


Ease of question asking



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Draft parent Letter for isolating pupils

Dear Parent,

While students are isolated, they are expected to keep up with work set on EzyScience.

Login basics

The website is and login is via the two fields in top right corner of the home page. When logged in students should use the menu on the left margin. Hover over the icons to reveal where the links lead to.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to reset passwords if there are any login difficulties.

Work set

Work set by school will show at the bottom of the Learning Zone Home Page or via the full “Assignment Hub” accessed via the left menu. Click the start button to begin or resume if the activity has been paused – users will be taken back to the pause point.

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EzyMaths Snapshots - Demo

Watch the Snapshots in action: 

 How your phone might look after some downloading:

School Enquiries

Individual Purchase


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Updating students

The main thing to appreciate is that the update process cannot delete students or their records. It will simply update the class allocations for students and teachers and add new users.

Things to avoid

  • Do not include any school reps in the import.
  • Do not create any new classes. The update process will identify and create any new classes and fill with relevant students and teachers.

 How does it work:

  1. You need to have School representative permissions to complete this process.
  2. Archive any students and teachers that no longer participate in the course. This is best achieved by selecting relevant classes, selecting all students in the class and then use the archive students button (mauve). Check to make sure all students have been archived and that none are remaining in the relevant classes.
  3. Create a spreadsheet which includes all students for the current year. This should include name, email, status, school name and class allocation. See below:

  1. When the spreadsheet is ready it should be imported as follows:

  1. When import commences, the system will identify any existing emails and change the class allocations for each student. Old class allocations will be removed and replaced by new class allocations.
  2. Any new emails will prompt the creation of a new user. The system will generate an email confirming login credentials.
  3. At the end of the process any redundant classes can be deleted from the system. This will mean that although students will retain access to historic assignments teachers will not.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further support.

EzyEducation Ltd 

September 2020

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Reporting Upgrade - Improved Activity Management

For most students, engagement doesn’t just happen. In this respect digital is no different to any other activity in schools. Regardless of the quality of digital or other activities, engagement has to be managed and clearly evidencing engagement is perhaps the most important aspect of this.

We have responded to this with some exciting service enhancements which use automation to take all the work and effort out of managing engagement while improving student awareness and accountability.

Effortless 121 reviews in just 2 clicks – rapid access to personalised assignment hub data or student gradebook via links in school management.

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Diagnostic and QLA support for this year's GCSE exams

The key to any successful intervention is to understand where the skills gaps lie at class and at individual level.

With this in mind we have recently released some diagnostic End of Section Assessments (Higher and Foundation versions). They identify weaknesses among a range of key skills for each syllabus area (there are 6 x 30 question assessments with foundation and higher versions).

Although students have the opportunity to address weaknesses themselves, the automatic analysis of activity means that teachers have access to invaluable learning maps that help to guide interventions.


This will help your colleagues gain better insights without any additional teaching tasks. There is NO teacher keying requirement. Your students and the system will do all the hard work.

These assessments lie at the heart of our integrated revision plans which provide a 10 week schedule leading up to exams. This will help organise, diagnose and resolve weaknesses at a crucial moment.

Users now also have access to interactive revision plans based on these assessments. Follow the links below for Higher and Foundation revision plans. The documents have links into our online course, which we are also offering in the package deal. If you would like to test out these assessments let me know and I can set, you up with a teacher login for free.

Click here for the GCSE Foundation Maths Revision Guide

Click here for the GCSE Higher Maths Revision Guide

The revision plans covers the main topics that students need to have brushed up their knowledge on before entering exams. It provides your students with 10 weeks of resources. The plans are based on our new End of Section Assessments.

Many students will also benefit from our exciting Snapshot booklets. The revision pages are very useful for those who want to keep their phone at the heart of their learning.

Exam package for all GCSE Students (£4.99 per student)

  • 1 snapshot booklet 
  • Free access to digital activities until 30/6/20
  • A free and interactive revision plan which you can download from this email


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Our New Gradebook Set Up

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Important Update - GDPR, Snapshots, Student Gradebook changes, Revision Plan and Budgeting Details

A lot of additional functionality has been introduced over the last few months (hopefully you have noticed some helpful improvements). Before covering these, I need to start with some details regarding necessary GDPR actions.


During March 2020 we will delete personal data held in our archive. As this should contain students and teachers that are no longer subscribed this should not present any issues for schools.

Please make contact to advise any reason why we should not delete your School’s archive.

Snapshot Booklets - School Discounts

We have upgraded the tech support for these. This delivers a vastly improved student experience.

  1. Students with course access can enjoy the support of the Booklet and call up video support via their phone but can also directly link into courses via the screen options on their phone. Students can buy direct for £9.99 a book or enjoy a heavy discount if a bulk school order is made (30 books min). £4.99 a book or £6.99 a book for Combined Science and £9.99 for a set of 3 Single Science books.
  2. Please note that the new technology does not support legacy booklets. These can be identified as they do not have any Zap instructions on the front page. New booklets will be required.
  3. Overall our expectation is that these books will have significant impacts on independent learning by integrating digital and print via mobile devices.
  4. Although we did not have time to produce booklets for Edexcel GCSE or Edexcel iGCSE. We will produce these for the next school year.
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Discover the New EzyMaths AR Experience

Following our first Augmented Reality offer we are delighted to launch a new and much improved range of snapshot booklets supported by our new Augmented Reality partner ZapWorks.  

The App is free and simple to set up and generates AR experiences rapidly. It provides access to a video play or download option, PDF material and links to more detailed video content or formative assessment activities within our courses. All achieved without letting go of your device.

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New Student Gradebook goes live Monday 23rd December 2019

Over the last 12 months, your students have been very busy. Over 3.3m questions answered.

As a result of this activity, your students will now reap the rewards of all this work with a QLA empowered gradebook. 

The new gradebook is planned for release on Monday 23rd December 2019.

When students next login after this release they will have access to a new gradebook. This provides:

  1. Activity time and assessment count/outcome data - see "Activity Summary".
  2. Access to their personal line held in teacher grade books - See "Course Summary"
  3. Question level analysis with access to feedback/explanations for every question attempted by clicking on question cells - see "Learning Gaps"
  4. The gradebook includes filters to help students improve focus on specific parts of the course.
  5. Report download options.

Some additional benefits:

  1. Immediate review of assessments after attempts.
  2. Rapid navigation between questions and feedback to accelerate and personalise revision.
  3. Works on tablets and handheld devices.

Although this has been thoroughly tested please do let us know if you run into any issues over the Xmas holidays at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Finally, we would like to thank all our schools and their students for their support this year. Our business relies on your support and we hope to continue to meet the needs of schools in 2020 with high quality, time-saving and data-driven learning system that takes the heat off teachers and helps them to help their students achieve more.

Happy Xmas and best wishes for 2020

EzyEducation Team. 

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Christmas comes early at EzyEducation

Today some changes to the Assignment Hub were released. These apply to student users:

  • Current Assignments (previously assignments set)- any assignment that has not been completed will be accessed under this heading. There will be an option to start or resume
  • Other Assignments  - all completed assignments will appear under this heading. There will be an option to retake assessments (24-hour rule applies) or replay previous video assignments.
  • Colour coding relating to due/overdue has been removed.

 A more significant change will be a new student gradebook. This is scheduled for release on 21/12/19 and will provide a single Html page with details of

  • Total time on the system and total assessments and average outcome with subject splits.
  • Access to data on video and assessment records with options to filter to narrow the focus on specific parts of the course and generate pdf reports accordingly
  • Access to learning maps for EVERY assessment completed providing individual question outcomes and immediate access to question feedback. This is a big step forward and could transform exam preparations, but only for those students who work hard and complete assessments. This opportunity will depend entirely on the number of assessments completed.

 This will enter the final test phase soon thanks to the help of some of our student users. Watch out for updates. 

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Assignment Hub Improvements

We have introduced a number of improvements to the Assignment Hub.

Please see below for details and instructions:

  1. Assignments can be set for single classes, multiple classes or for individual or small groups of students.
  2. Click on "class" and select however many classes you wish to select for, select a due date, close, set.
  3. Click on "student" and select the student or students you wish to select work for and complete as above. The "student" filed will show all students. If you wish to reduce this number simply select class first before then selecting from the students in view.
  4. The assignment pages now show which teacher set the work and have a sort option available to rearrange the order of assignments by the due date.
  5. Any teacher can now set work for any class.
  6. The grade book report can now be accessed directly from the Learning Zone home page i.e. report icon visible. This applies to work set for single students and means there would be a filtered grade book for one student or for all the students the work was set for.
  7. Students will now have access to a retake button in the completed assignments section.
  8. Assignments are now attached to students (previously classes) so that assignments from all previous classes remain visible when students change class.
  9. School reps will now appear in the teacher tab. If you select and the edit you will see that they can now be specifically added to classes.
  10. The hub now shows who set work. However, this has not been tracked historically and will not show on legacy assignments. You will see -//- in the column.
  11. There is a sort arrow above the due dates so that assignments can be re-ordered by the due date.
  12. Overdue assignments are now highlighted in student pages with indigo (previously red).
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Course Home Page Makeovers

We are currently in the process of giving the courses a "face-lift" to improve the student and teacher interface and user experience when navigating through the course home page. The main changes for the Econ. courses are detailed here. Similar changes will be implemented Science and Maths through the rest of the summer.

Course Description:

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Exam tips.

Exam tips.

We have put together a list of the formulae required for the exam that you need to memorise. We have also put together a little list of tips to help with your exam preparation.

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Countdown to Exams - Day 85 - Bearings

Countdown to Exams - Day 85 - Bearings

Today's topic that we are focusing on is Bearings. Bearings are used in navigation to identify (as a measure of turn) where the direction of one object is in relation to another. You need to remember that bearings are calculated from North, in a clockwise direction and given as a three digit value. Be careful with sentence structure as bearings are measured FROM the object (normally the second point in the question). When calculating more complex bearings knowledge of angles in parallel lines is useful (particularly co-interior angles). The harder questions will involve speed, time, perpendicular lines and maybe the use of Pythagoras' theorem and trigonometry.

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Countdown to Exams - Day 84 - Time and Money

Countdown to Exams - Day 84 - Time and Money

In today's topic, we look at Time and Money. You can be faced with questions involving time and converting time is an important skill to have when faced with some of the more obscure problem-solving questions. We also have a look at money as there have been money problems linked to probability and possible combination problems. Other common questions involve currency conversion where you either multiply or dived by the exchange rate.

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Countdown to Exams - Day 83 - Units

Countdown to Exams - Day 83 - Units

In today's topic, we look at Units. Many of the questions you will face will include units of some descriptions so it important that you are able to convert between the different types of units (metric). This will involve multiplying or dividing your value by a power of 10 (10, 100, 1000 etc). When it comes to Area and Volume the conversion factors are squared and cubed respectively.

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Countdown to Exams - Day 82 - Vectors

Countdown to Exams - Day 82 - Vectors

Today's topic in the countdown to exams is Vectors. Vectors describe a translation (a movement from one place to another) and can be written using vector notation (used to describe a translation). as we get more advanced, the coordinate grid is removed and the notation is given by bold letters (ab, c) To go from one point to another, you will have to travel along vectors that you already know. If you travel with a vector it will be positive, if you travel against a vector, it will be negative.

In more advanced questions midpoints and ratios will be introduced and you may have to factorise your answers to prove that two vectors are parallel or collinear.

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Countdown to Exams - Day 81 - Surds and rationalising the denominator

Countdown to Exams - Day 81 - Surds and rationalising the denominator

Today we focus our attention on the topic of Surds and rationalising the denominator. You need to understand that Surds are expressions that contain an irrational square root (meaning, if you square rooted the number, you would get a never ending decimal). There are some laws of Surds that you need to be aware of (much like the laws of indices). Some questions will ask you to change a root to the form a√b, to do this you need to find the largest square number that will go into the number and simplify form there. 

When it comes to rationalising the denominator, the key principle here is removing the square root from the denominator so that we are left with a whole number. This is achieved by multiplying. Take care to notice the different methods used when dealing with simple and more complex problems.

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