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We have introduced some changes to the Assignment Hub. Please see here for details and instructions.

Christmas comes early at EzyEducation

Today some changes to the Assignment Hub were released. These apply to student users:

  • Current Assignments (previously assignments set)- any assignment that has not been completed will be accessed under this heading. There will be an option to start or resume
  • Other Assignments  - all completed assignments will appear under this heading. There will be an option to retake assessments (24-hour rule applies) or replay previous video assignments.
  • Colour coding relating to due/overdue has been removed.

 A more significant change will be a new student gradebook. This is scheduled for release on 21/12/19 and will provide a single Html page with details of

  • Total time on the system and total assessments and average outcome with subject splits.
  • Access to data on video and assessment records with options to filter to narrow the focus on specific parts of the course and generate pdf reports accordingly
  • Access to learning maps for EVERY assessment completed providing individual question outcomes and immediate access to question feedback. This is a big step forward and could transform exam preparations, but only for those students who work hard and complete assessments. This opportunity will depend entirely on the number of assessments completed.

 This will enter the final test phase soon thanks to the help of some of our student users. Watch out for updates. 

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Science in the News

There are two main aims to this monthly EzyScience newsletter:

  • To demonstrate how the science our students study at GCSE relates to the science being conducted every day around the World and to show just how relevant their GCSE science studies are. As well as encouraging a general interest in science we would also hope to help prepare students for those unexpected questions that, at first glance, are not connected to the content they have been taught and which always raise such a stink on Twitter immediately after particular papers have been sat!
  • To provide students with opportunities to practise the more generic data analysis and communication skills that can turn a good exam performance into an outstanding one.
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Required Practical Practice Questions

When reading the examiners' reports for the 2018 and 2019 GCSE Science exams it is clear that there is a good deal of room for improvement in students' responses to questions relating to the Required Practical Activities (RPAs). For example, in the 12 Foundation Tier papers for the AQA Separate Sciences and Combined Science examinations, more than 50% of the marks relating to the RPAs were scored on two papers only. This situation was particularly acute in the Combined Science papers. While the picture was slightly more encouraging for the Higher tier papers, it was only on very few occasions that significantly more than 50% of the available marks were scored.

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Course Home Page Makeovers

We are currently in the process of giving the courses a "face-lift" to improve the student and teacher interface and user experience when navigating through the course home page. The main changes for the Econ. courses are detailed here. Similar changes will be implemented Science and Maths through the rest of the summer.

Course Description:

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IF you are studying for AQA GCSE science, this might help!

Our massively popular augmented reality snapshots for GCSE science now comes in a single booklet for combined science!


Individual copies for combined science available via Amazon

Discounts available for bulk school purchases. Teachers can get in touch for pricing and more details here.


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AQA Separate Science Required Practicals

If you are studying separate science, please use this document to provide quick links through to all of the EzyScience resources on each required practical!

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AQA Combined Science Required Practicals

If you are studying AQA combined science, the document below provides links to all of the EzyScience resources covering the required practicals. We hope you find it useful!

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EzyScience Snapshots - Augmented Reality Brings Science to Life

Parents and students can purchase GCSE Snapshots via Amazon by clicking on these links: 

Biology | Chemistry | Physics | Combined Science

Our augmented reality snapshots are pocket-sized booklets cover the entire syllabus. Every page acts as a brilliantly-laid out prompt sheet, providing students with a quick reminder of the key concepts and processes for that topic.

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We believe in "Learning by doing"

What is EzyScience?

Perhaps it would be more helpful to dispell any possible misconceptions and start by explaining what it is not:

  • Not a content platform
  • Not a video package
  • Not a simple AO1 testing tool
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Upgrade your Science lecture presentations

Upgrade your Science lecture presentations

Every single specification topic is covered by both lecture videos and formative assessments within the EzyScience GCSE course. We've ensured that we create top quality Lecture Videos by using our own purpose-built green-screen filming studios, and using a real school lab environment to film the required practicals. The technology provides the basis for an engaging and immersive watching and learning experience for students.

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Getting through the content

When the latest science specifications were first released a number of concerns arose immediately about both their breadth and depth. ‘How to teach greater and more difficult content in the same time?’ was a common question heard whenever science teachers got together. The dilemma faced by teachers is that they are expected to get through more ‘stuff’, while at the same time supporting students in mastering more complex skills.

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